"Ewa Fabianska-Jelinska has written seven short movements (played in an order decided by the player) in which she calls on the player to play with a variety of music, and use disconstructed elements of the trombone like the mouthpiece, and various styles such as singing through the instrument whilst playing (creating two notes) or tapping on the bell. The result was a symphony of surprising sounds and to someone who knows nothing about the mechanics of the instrument, it was mesmerising and fascinating."

R. Hugill, Miniatures Sonoristiques for solo trombone, Estonian Music Days

"The concert continued with clarinetist Barbara Borowicz and percussionist Bartosz Saldan. They performed The Soul of Seul for clarinet and vibraphone by Ewa Fabiańska-Jelińska. The combination of clarinet and vibraphone in The Soul of Seul was unique in timbre and character. Borowicz’s beautifully haunting clarinet sound spun out of the vibraphone’s sustained chords and hung in the hall."

A. Roach, The Soul of Seul for clarinet and vibraphone, ClarinetFest

"Tradition was an inspiration also for Ewa Fabiańska-Jelińska in Amnesia. She succeeded in merging seamlessly and gracefully the ancient with the modern. Although the second movement, polyphonic in character, is suggestive of counterpoint, the overlapping parts imbue the piece with the air of “minimal music”. The third movement opens with a spectral chord and the piece gradually becomes a chorale. While these changes in the style of Amnesia reappear numerously, the composer continues to surprise the audience and to play with their perception. What a brilliant composition! I hope I will hear it more than once again."

K. Stefański, Amnesia for trombone quartet, Meakultura

"Ewa Fabiańska has already shown a brilliant sense of form and musical narration in a number of her compositions (. . .). The title Offenbarungen und Eingebungen may be translated as “Obvious and inspired “. In this piece, the composer's inspiration was palpable.."

A. Chylewski, A. Kurczewska, Offenbarungen und Eingebungen for string orchestra, Radio Merkury

"Fabiańska's pieces sound familiar yet novel, carefully thought-out and spontaneous at the same time. Her music is reminiscent of the Polish composition school at its best."

M. Dziadek, Miniatures Sonoristiques for trombone solo, Ruch Muzyczny

"Ewa Fabiańska's Mater Dei violin quartet is an attractive piece that follows the composer's program, testifies to her good technique and reveals her artistic interests."

T. Cyz, Mater Dei for violin quartet, Ruch Muzyczny

"Offenbarungen und Eingebungen turns out to be an interesting artistic idea inspired by the words of St Faustina that the author uses as mottoes for the successive movements, extremely varied energetically and expressively. The noticeable consistency of the technical tools that Ewa Fabiańska employs or the curious transformations of the initial motifs are only a few of the piece's strengths."

W. Nowak, Offenbarungen und Eingebungen for string orchestra, Quarta, the quarterly of Polish Music Edition

"The many sonoristic effects present in the piece do not overshadow a subtle and ethereal cantilene. Miniatures Sonoristiques was a sheer delight to hear."

M. Stochniol, Miniatures Sonoristiques for solo trombone, Ruch Muzyczny

"The challenge of arranging the songs was welcomed by Ewa Fabiańska, a young and very talented composer form Torun, Poland."

A. Komendzińska, Meakultura